white court

2020 Sapporo Hokkaido

所在地  北海道札幌市
用途   住居
構造規模 RC造地下1階地上3階建
敷地面積 198.35㎡
建築面積 118.16㎡
延床面積 240.64㎡
写真     酒井広司

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido
Type: Residence
Structure: RC
Site area: 198.35 sqm
Building area:118.18 sqm
Area: 240.65 sqm

Photographs: Koji Sakai


Located about 3 km south of central Sapporo near the foothills of Mt. Maruyama, this residence is surrounded by single-family homes, high-rise condominiums, mid-rise apartment buildings, temples, and shrines. The white Court House stands among this jumble of development on a slightly irregular 200 m2 lot.
Built for a couple with two university-aged children, the design prioritizes family and community connections. Our aim was to flexibly link and separate the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and exterior courtyard and garage to match the needs of the family. The elevation gaps between the skip floors and the resulting changes in eye level contribute to this sense of connection and distance.