2013 Hokkaido Sapporo

所在地  北海道札幌市
用途   美容室
延床面積 83.0㎡
写真   山内圭吉

Type:Beauty salon
Photographs:Keikichi Yamauchi

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札幌市中央区の円山地区にオープンした、セット3面、シャンプーユニット2台の小さな美容室である。 この円山地区は住宅地としても人気の地域だが、界隈には趣味の良い店舗も数多くあり、美容室も少し飽和状態にある。 来客の美容室へのニーズはカットやセットの高い技術の他、癒しや寛ぎも求められており、近年益々その傾向が強くなっている。 このサロンの計画においても癒しや寛ぎは重要なテーマだが、求められているのは自宅で感じる日常的な寛ぎではなく、気持ちのどこかに高揚感や期待感が伴う「非日常的リラクゼーション」である。


Extraordinary relaxation
In Maruyama district, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, a small beauty salon with three salon chairs and two shampoo units opened. Maruyama district is popular as a residential area. Many tasteful shops exist and there are already a sufficient number of beauty salons in the neighborhood. Customers expect a beauty salon for comfort and relaxation, in addition to high skills for cutting and setting, and this tendency has increased in recent years. For this salon plan, comfort and relaxation are important themes. However, the required relaxation is not the usual relaxation that one can feel at home; rather, it is the “extraordinary relaxation” that brings a sense of exaltation or expectation somewhere in one’s mind.
The salon has a styling area with an inorganic and cool impression, and a shampoo area which is softly surrounded by narrow wooden louvers. These two spaces with different identities have a relationship of mutual encouragement. Plants are grown on the floor, walls, and ceilings of each space, using artificial soil made from specially processed cedar and cypress bark. The rather tall plants on the floor roughly divide the two spaces, while the ivy on the ceiling provides a sense of depth to the area. Ivy planted on the shampoo area floor climbs stainless steel wires on the wall and covers the entire louvers on the ceiling as if consuming them.
Although the existence and scent of the plants provide comfort and relaxation, we are happy when one can feel something extraordinary in the sight of vigorously growing plants on the floor, walls, and ceiling inside the building.